Reunion Questionnaire

August 31st, 2010

Hi Guys

Well after a great reunion its now time to get your feedback on what you thought of the night, the venue, the music and the atmosphere.

We have just posted a reunion questionnaire,  so please take time to fill it in and and the comments section with anything that we did not cover in the questions.

Please ensure that you include your name and e-mail address otherwise your answers will be removed automatically

Keep on rocking


The HY Rocking Team


July 11th, 2010

What an amazing night!

Many thanks to  you all  from Brighton, all over the UK, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Greece, Australia, Dubai and USA for being there

 It was such an emotionally charged  yet  a happy evening that no words can describe it. Just didn’t want it to end. Frankly, we are still beyond words.

 The night was full of memories and hugs and flashbacks. We could close our eyes and hear those Hungry Years classics and it was 10 years ago!

 Nobody could  believe how close all the people were. We could not put it better than the  events manager of the Brighton Centre did:   ’…. we  could not believe that a nightclub reunion could ever be like last Saturday’s event – it was more like a family party….’ an amazing comment about our ‘ humble little club’ !

Perhaps the definition of  the term ‘extended family’ has been redefined by all the HY’rers!   

Some 14 months ago, when we were considering the possibility of organising the Reunion, we had no clue as to whether there would be 5 or 500 people there, but we all said what the hell – go for it -as down deep inside the gut feeling was that, the HY was not just another club, it is a religion to a whole lot of us, and the spirit of the HY will be with us all for ever.  On the 3rd of July you proved just this.

Is it not amazing that ‘…it took 20 minutes to get to the bar from the entrance – because of chatting to people. There were a few familiar faces on Saturday of people I had never spoken to before. We had maybe stood next to each other at the bar or smiled to each other when dancing to the same track each week. I got to talk to some of these people on Saturday and it was still like meeting an old friend…’   You  cannot imagine just how many of you said just this.

Having said all the great things, there were some aspects which were not as good as we would have all liked them to be. The ticket price for one! Unfortunately though, it had to reflect the cost of the venue, and there was  no other suitable/ reputable venue available on the night. The bar was not to the venue quality standard, and the prices were not as reasonable as we anticipated. Last but not least, and with the benefit of hindsight…  2am was too early to finish, as it turned out that we  all still have it in us.. ten years later!!  

On the subject of music, Georgia and Paul apologise if they did not play your request- they tried to play most of the tracks from the ‘Top five tracks’ list, and also as you can appreciate, it is extremely difficult to fit 37 years of music into some 5 hours.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our extended family . The HY  was/is  a religion, and yes, it really was and remains a family. A strong family!  Many attempts were made to copy us…… all of which were unsuccessful…. The Years  can never ever be replaced  – it was unique, and  thanks to you all, and to all  members of the HY Rocking Team,  the legendary HY will always be alive.

We truly hope that  you realize just how meaningful this  family community we created together  really was and remains!

‘Forever young, forever on the HY Tour’

Take care

John, Pepa and the everyoung Rocking Team

PS  Very special thanks and debt of gratitude to Stephanie and Kore for their input and inspiration in writing this emotional note